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Noahwindmill, an alternative choice for farmers in High-Oil-Price Era, is another way that farmers need to appreciate which can be utilized to store it in high tanks. With wind power, you do not pay for electricity or oil waste even one baht. It is suitable for using in agriculture areas or other industries about the pump. Moreover, Noah Windmill can easily generate electricity for households.


Mr. Boonchai Thongkong Manager

Ms. Surinthorn Thongkong Sales Manager

Petty Patent No. 4374


Noah Windmill

1. Pump Efficiency


  1. The height of Noah Windmill is 15 meters, diameter propeller 3.85 meters. All materials made of rustproof steel.
  2. Pump size is 2 inches at 800 - 6,000 liters/hour.

Properties of the pump

  1. Shallow water such as creek, lagoon, canal, and swimming pool, etc..
  2. Deep water such as groundwater
  3. Use for sprinkle watering in rubber gardens, palm gardens, bamboo garden out of season, Tagoo, vegetables, etc.
  4. Increasing oxygen in water.
  5. Making water supply system in villages.


  1. Generating electricity efficiency

Power generation: 500 -  1,000 watt

Benefit: generating electricity for households such as internet, recharge batteries, watching movies and listening to music, fan, etc.

Prize of Suite generation: Please contact 081 670 9241 , 084 907 0101


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